History of Peachtree Academy

Peachtree Academy began as a school of early childhood development that quickly progressed into an outstanding private school choice for parents in our community. Because of the commitment to excellence in education, parents realized the importance of great teacher interaction and smaller class sizes to their child’s success in the classroom. The level of dedication from staff members has made Peachtree Academy a strong competitor in the private school market in Atlanta. We have assembled a top team of educators who are passionate about teaching and given them the tools to do the very best job in preparing our students for success. Each year, since our inception in 2001, we have added one grade level per year until 2011, when we added 10th and 11th grade because of demand. We added our final grade in the 2012-2013 school year, completing the High School experience for students. Our commitment to the future is to offer a full array of academic, athletic, and fine arts opportunities beginning in Pre-School and continuing through the 12th grade.

Our Vision

Peachtree Academy Private School strives to be East Atlanta’s premier college preparatory private school rich in opportunities which develop critical thinkers, ethical problem solvers and young men and women of Christian character.

Our Motto

Pursuing Excellence with Honor

Our Mission

Peachtree Academy is a Christian, College Preparatory school using innovative strategies to inspire all students to reach their highest God-given potential.

Our Purpose

Building the Minds of Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our Commitments

The Peachtree Academy faculty is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for all students. In order to accomplish this goal, we commit to students and families that we will:
  • Inspire a life-long love of learning in every child
  • Design instruction that addresses individual student’s talents, gifts, and exceptionalities
  • Build student confidence to increase independence and self sufficiency
  • Approach teaching as a ministry
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students and their families.

Core Values

Like-Minded Values: The Peachtree Academy culture is predicated on core values, offering programs that are Christ-centered and a culture of remarkable unity. These programs reflect excellence, holding each person to high standards of accountability while encouraging decisions that exhibit the utmost in integrity. Peachtree is a place where the faculty truly care and uphold similar principles and values that students learn at home.

Intellectual Curiosity: Peachtree Academy students thirst for knowledge and are internally motivated to achieve their fullest potential. They seek out opportunities to learn and actively engage in the classroom.

Academic Achievement: Students should demonstrate the ability to successfully achieve within Peachtree Academy’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Peachtree Academy uses student achievement data to assess prospective student performance. Transcripts, entrance exams, teacher evaluations and all achievement data are also weighted.

Social Maturity: The Peachtree community of learners is a family, and as a family, students are expected to play and learn well with others. Social maturity provides an optimal learning environment for all by following Biblical principles of how to treat one another. Prospective students are engaged in informal group interviews and a one on one interview to determine social maturity. Evaluations from Guidance Counselors are also weighted.

Parental Involvement: When thinking of learning environments, one must consider more than just the building in which learning takes place. While teachers and faculty in schools play a large role in shaping the learning environment of students, so do the people with whom children spend time outside of school. According to a study conducted by Mok & Flynn (1998), “students who enjoyed a more favorable school culture and a quality home experience scored significantly higher than their peers” (430). Parental support and involvement reinforce the learning expectations of an independent environment.