Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten – 5th)

Peachtree Academy offers K-5th grade classes at our both our Conyers and Covington, Georgia campuses. Our elementary school division offers a K through fifth grade program that is academically challenging, as well as developmentally and socially nurturing. Students benefit from a well-planned, individualized, and measured progression of achievement in the core subjects, as well as the opportunity to excel in advanced math and reading programs. Instruction in Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Music, Visual Arts, and Physical Education is also included in our elementary weekly schedules.

Proven Pre-Kindergarten Educational Curriculum for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and continuing through all grades, Peachtree Academy presents a consistent, structured, and focused curriculum in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History/Classical Studies, Geography, Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Dance.

Peachtree Academy promotes the ideals that children build understanding and develop skills as a result of many meaningful and connected learning experiences. Teachers at Peachtree Academy use the state curriculum standards to design units, lessons, and activities to lead students from the concrete to the abstract understanding of mathematical concepts. Math Connects texts and on-line resources are used as the core text with additional resources provided through SMART Board technologies and hands-on manipulative sets. Progress monitoring every nine weeks provides additional data by which teachers can remediate and/or accelerate students in mathematics content. Students participate in a variety of math centers designed around math topics which provide additional practice and opportunities for enrichment. An increased focus on math vocabulary and a guided mathematics instructional design allows for the use of small groups to assess student understanding of protocols and the ability to apply that understanding to the solving of real-life problems.

Fundamental to the entire program of Peachtree Academy is a belief in the transforming power of great books. The Language arts program is designed to introduce children to that experience and to enhance their love and intrinsic passion for great literature. The phonics-based program in grades K-2 instills the desire to read and ensures reading mastery at an early age. All grades participate in an Accelerated Reader program, which promotes critical thinking and reader comprehension. In each classroom, vocabulary building, grammar, and the mechanics of language are presented as integral parts of the language arts program. Teachers in all disciples work to promote writing across the curriculum, and pay particular attention to oral and written communication. Students participate in a variety of writing workshops that teach pre-writing, writing, conferencing, revising, and editing to promote proper writing skills.

At Peachtree Academy, the science curriculum is a combination of hands-on activities and textbook study. Our activity-based science program encourages students to experiment, observe, analyze, research and discover for themselves the importance of the scientific process. Many methods are used to capture each child’s natural interests in science, including laboratory demonstrations, guest speakers, art activities, outdoor observations, written and oral reports, video streaming, computer research and field study.

In grades Kindergarten through Seventh, the social studies curriculum encompasses a two-part design. Teachers encourage student development through self-awareness and community involvement, as well as an understanding of the historical and world perspectives. In addition to a historical instruction, our Social Studies program includes several community service projects. Peachtree Academy works closely with the Rockdale Emergency Relief and other community organizations to provide goods and services for people in need.


The study of art begins in kindergarten and continues through our middle grades a series of studio projects. Students gain knowledge and learn skills in the materials and processes of art, the components of design, and the variety of forms of expression, as well as an overview of the history of art. This year’s art program consists of lessons instructed with the emphasis on cultural art. Peachtree Academy’s art program offers several opportunities to participate in various art contests, both local and national, throughout the year. This year’s focus is on cultural arts.


Elementary students participate in weekly instrumental and general music education. Kindergarten, first and second graders are introduced to music through violin/strings. As their literacy skills increase, they learn to read music, as well. Students in 3rd and 4th grades continue music instruction utilizing percussion, recorders and Orff instruments. The band program begins in third grade. All fifth-grade students are given guitar instruction. Voice, piano, strings and private instrument lessons are available to all students in the after school program.

Physical Education

The Physical Education and Athletics Program is essential in educating students about healthy lifestyle choices and developing a life-long habit of physical activity. Students in all grades enjoy 30-45 minutes of physical education daily, whether instructional or playground time, in an age-appropriate, skills-building program. Students are trained in physical fitness through conditioning, movement, manipulative skills, and game skills.


Our weekly Chapel service consists of praise songs, student scripture skits and a bible or character building lesson for the week. The students enjoy the time spent singing songs of worship and interacting with peers and faculty. Our Chapel service also includes bi-weekly guest speakers brought in from the community. Some of our guest Speakers have included; Native American Storyteller, Carol Brown and Ashley Roesler from the Rockdale Emergency Relief.

A variety of after-school activities are offered daily in which children can choose to participate. The range of activities is quite wide in hopes to satisfy all of our student’s extracurricular interests. Some of the activities are: subject related tutoring, environmentalist club, Lego club, safety patrol, pep squad and many other clubs.