College & Career Advisement

Academic Guidance Resources

Welcome to our Academic Guidance Resource page. We have researched online resources for you to use in evaluating the many directions and opportunities available to your student here at Peachtree Academy as they move forward with their education beyond K-12. – In-depth reviews of US colleges

Kiplinger’s 100 Best Values in Public Schools – Kiplinger’s report on the best values for higher education from public universities and colleges

College Board – Visit here to register for the SAT. Also contains the FAFSA, a college search program in which student can set up his own record, and test prep – Learn all about the ACT test here as well as register to tale the exam

US News Colleges and Careers – College rankings and a search engine for making a tentative list of colleges for your review

College Net -search device and rich in information– Free service providing exact replicas of applications. Search for colleges

Christian Colleges

Georgia EASY System – to ease the process of applying to a University System of Georgia institution designated to those who qualify for in-state tuition rates

Georgia Student Finance Commission – administers the HOPE Scholarship

Learning Disability – A help site for students with learning disabilities

Mapping Your Future – A career planning site

NCAA – All athletes interested in playing collegiate sports need to visit this site

Occupational Outlook Handbook – This online resource describes various careers in detail. It also has job market predictions. Excellent government resource for making a carrier decision based on projected needs