Our Education


At Peachtree Academy, our goal is to ignite the full academic potential of every student. We use a whole-child approach that promotes intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual development while emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking, and higher-order reasoning. This approach engages students in their own development, encourages them to take ownership of their decisions and actions, and makes them confident learners.

Our comprehensive academic plan focuses on proven educational practices that foster academic success and create life-changing opportunities.

Our plan includes:

  • Foundational teaching protocols, including essential questions, vocabulary, and questioning
  • Guided instruction, which provides grade-level curriculum for all students, as well as targeted instruction of skill sets
  • Emphasis on writing mastery, problem-solving, critical thinking, and higher-order reasoning
  • Measurement of each student’s academic growth through quarterly progress monitoring
  • Consistent feedback and collaboration with parents
  • College and career guidance to encourage planning with the end in mind


As a result of this outcome-oriented approach, students will be prepared for entry into their top-choice college or university and equipped for success in the 21st century.