Why choose Peachtree Academy Private School? WE GET RESULTS!

  • ­The cumulative results of our students’ tests indicate that our students are two to three years ahead of national norms, sometimes exceeding that in the areas of Reading, Comprehension, and Language.
  • Peachtree Academy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Georgia Accreditation Commission.
  • Curriculum materials provided by our school are selected from the best available sources. Excellence in content and harmony with a Christian philosophy are important considerations.
  • Class size ranges from 13 – 20 students, but no more than 20 students assigned to any class.

Step into a classroom at Peachtree Academy and you will discover students actively involved in the learning process.

  • ­Manipulating concrete materials to develop an understanding of abstract concepts
  • Asking questions, testing hypotheses, and finding a variety of ways to solve problems
  • Using the writing process to respond to content across the curriculum
  • Sketching portraits, reciting poetry, sight-reading music, and performing for classmates, families, and friends
  • Utilizing computers and SMART Board technology for individual and group projects
  • Reading to learn, reading for fun, and reading to meet personal goals established to improve inferential comprehension
  • Laughing, talking, and encouraging one another to try again and to praise one another for a job well done