Peachtree Academy’s Success on Panther Day

Celebrating Excellence in Education

Peachtree Academy has been making waves in the educational landscape. Our recent Panther Day was a testament to our commitment to excellence, community, and student success.

This cherished tradition brings together students, staff, and the local community for a day of service, camaraderie, and growth.

Panther Day Highlights:


      • Community Service: Panther Day is a dedicated occasion for Peachtree staff and students to engage in community service. From pre-kindergarten to high school, students rolled up their sleeves to make a positive impact across several counties.

      • Fundraising with Purpose: Students raised funds to support important initiatives while working on service-oriented projects.

      • Local Partnerships: Peachtree collaborated with local organizations, including Keep Newton Beautiful and the Rotary Club, to enhance convenience centers and beautify landscapes.

      • Nature Projects: The FFA & Eco Club worked alongside the Big Haynes Creek Nature Center and the City of Covington. Projects included installing a live stream birdhouse and planting a tree in honor of Arbor Day.

      • Assisted Living Engagement: Older students visited Merryvale Assisted Living Center and Benton House of Covington, brightening the day for memory care patients through music, art, and companionship.

      • First Responders Appreciation: Elementary students hosted a heartfelt Cookout Lunch for local first responders, expressing gratitude for their service.

    Looking Ahead

    Peachtree Academy reflected on its journey as the sun set on Panther Day. The road to success is paved with determination, resilience, and a supportive community. With each Panther Day, they reaffirm their commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically, athletically, and artistically.

    So here’s to Peachtree Academy-where every day is a celebration of growth, learning, and triumph.